Wk 15 – Extra Credit – Class Evaluation

I’m extremely sad that this is our final week for this class. this class has been an adventure and helped me meet a lot of cool people. These weekly classmate conversations has helped me network with people from all sorts of background. I’m really gonna miss the art activities because every time we get introduced to one, it’s always a treat.

One of my favorite activities is the Plaster Caster Blaster! Man, the first day of the semester, we were told to go to the beach and I said “Hell yeah!” It was crazy how I got closer to the people that went with me and had an over all fun time. It was a hot mess of a project that took a lot of time and effort to make. I’m pretty proud of what we created and I still kept the hand that I made.


My next favorite is the Landscape with a Corpse. I did not really follow the instruction to the fullest but it was one of the funnest nights of my college experience. I actually got drunk for this project just so I can make the picture more authentic (please drink responsibly and in moderation)

My last favorite is the Automatic Drawing. Through this activity, I got a chance to draw with my dad and helped us bond. It was also a challenge turn scribble nonsense into something that is recognizable.

My least favorite is definitely the ethnography. I did not like how I was told to do nothing till the next morning. I just sat there and forced myself to study, which helped me in the long run.

If I were to advice Glenn on which program to keep, I would suggest keeping WordPress and ditching Slack. WordPress was so easy to access and maneuver unlike Slack. Slack seemed too complicated at first that it turned off most people. I also got the vibe that Slack was trying too hard to stay current with other social media sites which did not look good for their image because I thought of this program to be more professional but recent updates told me otherwise.

Ultimately, I had a really fun semester and I GREATLY advice anyone who is thinking of taking an art class to take this one. You won’t regret it!


One thought on “Wk 15 – Extra Credit – Class Evaluation

  1. Leon(a) Payne says:

    Hey Josh!

    What a way to end this artistic journey. I’m sad to see that your posts are going to stop, but all good things must come to an end. Your professor seems like a fun person. All of these projects would have definitely made me take their class. Thank you for sharing all that you’ve done throughout your semester! I wish you the best :).

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