Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

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Sketch sketch sketch! I find sketching to be a fun past time but I found it difficult to sketch at the garden. I guess since it is an assignment and I was forced to do it for a grade and for my class that I didn’t enjoy it as much. Still, it was nice to relax at the garden. I used to go there a lot during my freshmen year because it was a good quiet place to think and clear your mind. I might start going back there just to relax. It’s just so far from the campus that it is out of the way to get to.

One of the hardest aspect of doing this assignment is the “no erasing rule”. I am constantly messing up and it was hard for me to erase but I powered through it. I actually don’t mind erasing stuff that aren’t correct because as Bob Ross says, “They’re happy little accidents.”


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