Wk 12 – Art Experience – Ethnography


When I first heard the assignment, I was not enthusiastic about the fact that I am going to be sitting there doing nothing till I pass out. Then, I looked at it from a different angle. I decided to give this a try and planned out what I wanted to do. First thing, I used my sister’s room to spend the night at because my room only has one window and since we cannot use electricity for a fan, I chose her room instead because she has two windows and she was also out of town (YAY). IMG_1256 (1)

I found this activity to be surprisingly easy. I thought that I was going to have a hard time but thanks to my cat’s company, I did not really have much trouble. It was frustrating trying to sleep during a hot night with no fan on me. It also does not help that I am insomniac and this whole experience sleep deprived me from the little time I have. I did manage to sleep for about two hours until my body woke me up, like it always does at a certain time.

I can see people enjoying this method of living if they were not living in the city. There are too many distractions and the way of life in the city does not work well with this method. I can see people getting bored of this after a couple of nights. I did feel more recharged with the thought of being alone and just stepping aside from the usual routine of hanging out with friends.


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