Wk 11 – Classmate ConversationS(?) – Ceasar Nonga & Colene Encarnado

! Major screw up, we took the picture to the left and my big ass head accidentally blocked Ceasar so I had to retake it with him the next day !

Anyways, for this weeks classmate conversation, I decided to chat it up with Ceasar Nonga and Colene Encarnado. Ceasar is an undergrad student and his major is Kinesiology. I told him that I applied as a Kin major when I first applied to CSULB which is something we had in common but I then told him that I then abandoned that dream during SOAR because I wasn’t really sure that is my path. He then called me “fake” for abandoning that major and I just ignored him LMAO. One thing about Ceasar that shocked me is that he break dances. He showed me a clip of him break dancing back in high school and I was amazed. He said that he wants to get back into “breaking” but it’s hard due to being in a medical major while balancing club activities and family responsibilities. Ceasar is a really cool dude that has a lot of goals and aspirations, he makes me want to try harder in school and better myself.

HERE IS HIS BLOG : https://macncheesersalad.wordpress.com/

Colene Encarnado is also an undergrad student who majors in psychology. She had told me that she previously was working towards going to nursing school but was not genuinely happy with that. She had to fight her parents about what she actually likes to learn about and that is psychology. I was flabbergasted when she told me that because I went through the same process. I told my parents that I wanted to major in sociology and I had to fight my way through it. I find both of us blessed to be able to persuade our parents to letting us pursue what we want in our college experience because both of our parents wanted us to be in the medical field. I’ve noticed Colene getting a lot of shoutouts from Glenn and I when I visited her art projects, I was jealous of how good she is. She is very artistic and very well spoken. She is a very dedicated student who cares a lot about her friends. She’s the homie.

HERE IS HER BLOG : https://colenee.wordpress.com/



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