Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Yujia Gu


Exhibition Information

Artist: Yujia Gu
Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence In The USA
Media: Glass, LED display, graphics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: yujiagu.squarespace.com
Instagram: n/a

About the Artist

Yujia Gu is currently an undergrad student at California State University Long Beach. She is in the graphic design program and this is her last semester attending CSULB School of art. Art has been a presence that has been there since she was very young. She started drawing when she was little and what she found as a fun activity became her life choice. Her journey of Graphic Design originated in China, which led her to come here in the United States. She first started living in New York for a couple of months and then moved to the west coast. From her experience, she likes the west coast better.

Formal Analysis

This gallery had a mixture of ways to portray it’s purpose/message. She used a gallery of pictures of children who had passed away from gun violence. She also used these outline of the male restroom symbol as the tally of how many people have died from gun violence. They were spread from the bottom of the wall, perpendicular to the wall. This gallery had this tone of earnestness to it.

Content Analysis

Yuija Gu’s exhibition was very real. It is a subject that is very relevant to the times and very alarming to most people. She wanted to create an exhibit to portray the pressure of gun violence in the United States. She mentioned how while she was doing research, she found an astonishing amount of lives that were taken by gun violence.

Synthesis / My Experience

Wow. This piece couldn’t be more relevant than now. Recently with the whole issue at San Bernardino, as bad as it might sound, this couldn’t be a better time to send out the message. When I stepped inside her gallery, I felt very uncomfortable. I am very anti-gun because I know the capabilities of it. This whole exhibit opened up my eyes as to how many people die from the misuse of the freedom to owning a gun. I simply wish that we had more regulations as to who can obtain these.



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