Week 10 – Art Experience – The Wedge

Dang, the infamous wedge by the USU. You’re a straight up liar if you say that you have never passed this wedge. All CSULB students/faculty has passed this. For me, I used to pass this wedge everyday my freshmen year going from the parking structure to upper campus. While inspecting the wedge, I saw interesting interactions between students that have that face off. They either both try to let the other person go or both charge head on (which is my favorite by the way). I also love seeing them trying to let each other go and laugh at the situation. These little interactions make me happy when I witness it and when it happens to me. Now the only thing I dislike about this wedge is the traffic. You always question yourself, “Is it better to try and cut corners here or go around?”. It always depends on the situation.

FullSizeRender (2)

I follow a couple rules in life and one of them is K.I.S.S., keep it simple stupid. If I were to redesign it, I would just make it wider and actually have arrows pointing as to which directions to go to. It’s more efficient and students don’t have to look like they’re getting ready to have a dance off. It does make the other side of the wedge obsolete unless you want to take those extra steps, good for you healthy person!

If my design actually comes through, I want the people giving SOAR tours to tell their stories as to how bitter/sweet the old wedge used to be and how they should be grateful to me that I just simply made it wider.


One thought on “Week 10 – Art Experience – The Wedge

  1. Anthony Ya says:

    I’ve been told by some people that they’ve passed through the wedge, but I find it skeptical. Nice to know a fellow bud that has truly passed through the wedge.


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