Wk 9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Art

Graffiti is a common sight for me because every time I commute to school, I always see them. I’ve always thought that they were ugly and just makes the space look dirty but after trying it out myself, I enjoyed the experience.

I think the media gives graffiti art such a bad reputation that it pushes people away from ever trying it out. The media is not the only side to blame because there are tagging wars between gangs and such.

Even though I had to tag my name for an assignment, I could totally see myself trying this out for fun with my other friends in a legal and proper areas. A quick warning, if you are going to do this by your house, be sure to have old news paper layered around so that paint doesn’t get everywhere and you get in trouble.


ANYWAYS, I decided to do the basic black outline and filled it with my favorite color. I tried to make it look glossy with the lighter green but it was just so windy today that it made it virtually impossible. I’m pretty happy how it come out because it was my first time spray painting. Like in my previous posts, I very dislike painting but I can see myself doing this for fun.


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