Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Bernadette Villena


This week for classmate conversation, I got the chance to meet Bernadette Villena! I’ve seen her a couple of times during class because I know some of the people from her group of friends. She did not disappoint, just like her group of friends, she is very fun and very engaged when you talk to her. IMG_1093

I am still very new to trying to talk to new people because I find myself to be awkward and an introvert but that did not stop me from starting a conversation with Bernadette. We started discussing basic things like favorite colors, which is blue and purple for her btw. She also has two pets, one parakeet and a shih tzu! I was very surprised because, for me, it is not everyday that you hear someone has a pet parakeet. Sounds pretty rad to me.

Academically, she wants to be a nurse and has always been wanting to be a nurse since the start. It works out really well for her because her parents did want her to become a nurse so I can see a good support from her family with her choice of career. During high school, she played tennis for three years which surprised me because I also played tennis for three years. It does bum me out that she does not really have time for any side activities because of school, specifically anatomy (ITS A TRAP!!), and how she also works at Cafe 86. She is the freaking manager! How cool is that!

Cool things about Bernadette is that she eats out, A LOT. Like dang, I added her on snapchat and all I see is food food and food. She also loves to sing and I’m still waiting for a sample. I’ll keep you guys posted about it and let you know.












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