Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Shannon Jenich


I met Shannon thanks to KC and we instantly clicked. Shannon loves cats as much as I do and also has one of her own. Her cat’s name is Mushy and it is 2 years old, just like my cat Pepper! In her spare time she watches anime and read manga on the side, seriously we are so alike! I have not really been watching as much anime as I used to but she is inspiring me to get back into it. While we have opposing favorite colors, mine is greed and her’s is red, we both played tennis in high school! It was a real shock when I asked her what sport did she play and she also mentioned how she played doubles tennis, which is the same thing I did. Right now, she’s working to get her degree in Human Development. It is kind of funny too because I’m taking Human Development and I can bug her if I ever need help hehe.

You should really get to know her because she’s fun and there’s never a dull moment with her! https://sjenich.wordpress.com/























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