Wk 6 – Legend of Dinglebop: Breath of The Wow


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Memes Show

Must Destroy, Wow
Unknown Artist
water color on paper
30″ x 20″
CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

An evil scientist name Momo started creating project “Dinglebop” during the time of the Omnic Crisis. The Omnic Crisis is when the robots started rebelling against what the humans wanted them to do. The robots developed their own way of thinking and wanted to revolutionize the world for the better of the machines. Momo was labeled as an evil scientist because he was the first person to design a tech that had it’s own self conscious, which was the spark of the crisis.

Momo did not know the scale of the problem until his robot wife almost killed him. It was then when he started making blue prints to an ultimate creature that symbolizes humanities last hope. It was Dinglebop. Dinglebop is a quadruped cyborg who’s main purpose is to end the Omnic Crisis. It took Momo a decade to create Dinglebop. He had implemented his plans onto Dinglebop and wanted to execute it as soon as possible. Dinglebop is a very fascinating cyborg because it’s main power source are dank memes. Momo had implemented a century’s worth of dank memes planted onto Dinglebop so there are no troubles with that. Dinglebop also has lazer eyes than can disintegrate anything it comes across to.

When Dinglebop arrived at the center of war, he destroyed the enemy battalion with a single wink of it’s cute eyes. His battle cry is “Must Destroy, Wow” Till this day, Dinglebop travels through galaxies trying to eliminate the last traces of the machines that once threatened his planet.


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