Wk 5 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

I originally planned on doing this drawing with a friend but never got to it. I decided to ask my dad instead because it seemed like a nice bonding activity since we don’t really spend time together. He knew when I was little that I liked to draw in my free time and thought it was a waste of time and I should do something more productive. I stopped drawing then but I wanted to show my dad that it can be a pretty fun activity. I told him to close his eyes and trust what his body tells him to do and I’ll meet him half way. Our product wasn’t anything extravagant because he found it pretty ridiculous half way into the session and decided to stop.img_1058

I then decided to take the initiative and turned this lack luster lines into something that he can relate to and think about. My dad has been homesick for a couple of years and now really wants to visit our country back in the Philippines. I decided to turn this into something that he can resemble as home. img_1060

He was really amazed and happy that I managed to turn our not so exciting lines into something that he can really appreciate and cherish.


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