Wk4 – Art Experience -Art (T.L.)Care Package

I decided to mail this art care package (ACP) to one of my closest friend John. He is one of the first friends I ever made when I first moved to this country, so he is very dear to me. We attended the same schools up until college, where he goes to Fullerton. I know right? Freaking rival school. Ever since our transition to college, we have not really hung out as much as we desire.

Creating this ACP made me reminisce on a lot of my childhood and teen memories. I am astonished as to how these items made me relive memories that I cherish. I had to dig through old folders where I kept some of my drawings from freshmen year of high school because that was the last time I really drew anything. img_0965

The drawing on top was from our art class. I remember John ruining one of my drawings just cause we were stupid back then, I still got the better grade though HAHA.


I also decided to include this picture of Beyoncé as a cultural moment because pop-culture is a form of culture. I am also a fan of her work so it is a win win! I know it said to use a picture from a newspaper but why waste a piece of paper when I can put up an article through an iPad?

The picture on the left represents this game that John and I play called ‘Overwatch’ and I remember he got pretty annoyed of me when I spammed him with one of the character’s voice line. The picture to the right is our middle school year book and other games that John and I played. I remember how we’d come over to each other’s house and play video games from sunrise to sunset. Now that I look back at it, I am pretty sure that our parents were annoyed that we spent so much time playing video games.

You can compare an ACP to snapchat in multiple ways. You are both sending someone a picture(s) with using materials available to you. One of the key difference between them is Snapchat is in the moment and will be deleted after the ten seconds you are able to view it, unless you screenshot it. ACP is something you can keep and always look back into. There is a time difference between sending an ACP and sending a snapchat but I think that is the cool part about an ACP.  I would like to think that an ACP has more love into it. An ACP has a deeper meaning in a sense of someone actually putting a package together and having to go through the post office. Snapchat is convenient for immediate interaction.

I think ephemeras are precious to an extent. I think that it will be precious to someone who inflict meaning to the item of choice. To others, they might view it as junk because they do not know the meaning behind it.

In my opinion, I think there are no differences between the ‘museum worthy’ art and an art piece like an ACP. Art is universal and there are no I think there are no boundaries as to what you can call art.



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