Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Renette Tabadero

img_0874In this week’s classmate Conversation, I linked up with Renette Tabadero. Renette is currently an undergrad and is in pre-nursing. Her commute from home to school is pretty average considering it takes her 30 minutes while my commute takes roughly 2 hours because I have to take the bus. She mentioned how she’s the first in the family to ever attend California State University Long Beach but she has other relatives who are currently attending college as well.

Renette told me how she likes to bake in her spare time. Well, she does work in a bakery which forces her to bake but she is still passionate about it. I straight up told her I that suck at baking and that I prefer cooking and that’s when we started exchanging recipes. We were talking about basil pesto pasta with extra bacon, YUM. She also dabbles on just relaxing and watching Netflix. I asked her what she hopes to be doing in the next 5 years and she said that she wants to be working as a nurse with an apartment and possibly traveling.

She then told me a story about she got into an accident when she was a child. She was sitting on a rather thick railing and then started doing a little cat walk on it. She scaled one half of the ledge and eventually fell on her head. No one was around during that time and luckily a neighbor saw her fall and helped her our. Her dentist neighbor patched her up and rushed her to the hospital. They then operated on her without any of her parents knowing and she did not even know the degree of a mess she was in. She started screaming when they started operating on her because she felt the pain and eventually passed out.


One thought on “Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Renette Tabadero

  1. Leon(a) Payne says:

    Wow, I really enjoy reading these classmate conversations. The accident that Renette was in sounds pretty intense. I remember getting into an accident as a child as well and reading that entry just had those memories rushing back. I was happy to read that her neighbor found her and rushed her to the hospital. That could have ended terribly. I am definitely looking forward to the next reading! Keep it up! 🙂


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