Wk 2 – Art Experience – Death of a teenager


This assignment really caught my attention. It seemed so fun at first but when I started thinking more about it, it’s kind of morbid. I still enjoyed doing the project because it was an excuse for me to drink, meaning the pictures taken are taken by a bunch of drunk people.
One of the biggest traditions in a lot of cultures is to go drinking when you surpass the age restriction. Whether it being 16, 18 or 21, you are expected to party hard and drink hard. In my case, I am currently 20 years old and going onto 21 in a couple of months. My friends are already planning on what we should do for the big day and I get more nervous as the days come. One of the biggest fears I have is dying from alcohol poisoning, which is the main concept of my art experiment. Back in my home country, I’ve witnessed so many people pass away from alcohol poisoning due to the age limit being very low and not enforced strictly as they do here in America. The pictures we took is something that I saw in my childhood consistently and it still haunts me today. I don’t ever want to die from alcohol poisoning. It is the ultimate slap to the face in my opinion because excessive drinking is something that runs in my family and I am afraid that I might follow the path. I guess all I can say is drink in moderation and have good company around you.

I had a lot of fun doing this project and I’m thankful that I had good company to take care of me. We also took more pictures for fun just cause the opportunity was already there.fullsizerender



2 thoughts on “Wk 2 – Art Experience – Death of a teenager

  1. Anthony Ya says:

    This post has changed my life, I am going to change my alcoholic ways so that I won’t disappoint my friends and family. Thank you josh!


  2. Leon(a) Payne says:

    Wow, I remember the pressure that came with my 21st birthday. Everyone expected me to drink the night away. While it was fun, it was pretty scary at the same time. I can relate to this post so much!


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