Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting Blaster!


This project was a blast! My friends and I decided to work on the project as soon as the class ended because it was everyone’s last class. We got all of the materials that we needed and went straight to Seal Beach. We fought and argued as to how to proceed with the work but in the end, it all worked out and it was a lot of fun. We essentially had dig a two feet hole and insert our hand in there and fill it up with sand to make the mold. We had to then quickly mix the plaster with the water. We then removed our hand from the sand filled it up with the plaster. It took forever for it to dry but it was worth it. A random guy came over and told us how to do some of the process that we looked over and he also gave us some pretty cool ideas if we ever decide to do this again. I wish I had known sooner that we were going to work on the project the same day or else I wouldn’t have worn the single pair of pants that I own because they are ruined. My biggest advice to anyone that is planning on doing this activity is to go when it’s warm, wear shorts, and BUY THE BRUSH.

~Dig it uh oh oh,
Dig it
Dig it uh oh oh


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